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Thanks again for helping us with our school fundraiser it has been a great success for our school and we are planning on continuing with it again next school year. Your bags are amazing and the families all really love them.

K. Armstrong

These are the BEST compost bags I have ever used and will never use anything else again. Great product.


Hi to the Lady giving samples @ Costco in Ajax: I used your Bag for 2 WEEKS with the KITTY LITTER and it was fantastic!! No break through or leakage of any kind. Just used a sample of a glad bag for kitchen waste: it was decomposing after 3 days with some wet veg waste. Already bought a box of kitchen size from Costco. These will be our regular bags. Thanks for all your help:)

K. Shortt


I"ld like to start off by saying "Thank you" for providing such a wonderful product. I have tried many brands of compostable kitchen bags and yours are the ONLY ones that do not leak! The others leave a terrible mess at the bottom of the bin.

Thanks again,
Carol T


Just wanted to congratulate you on a great product!! I purchased a Bag To Nature™ box of 100 (value pack) at Costco and enjoy everything about them. I also love the idea that Bag To Nature™ is a Canadian company and that the products are made locally!

Joanne M

Just wanted to write to congratulate your company on a fantastic product! I love the Bag To Nature™ Small Kitchen Bags which I recently purchased at COSTCO. Unlike some other brands, they seem to hold up really well and do not leak! Thank you!

Domenica M

As a consumer concerned with keeping this earth "Green," I usually try to purchase products which I feel supports this effort. Here is an example: The raking and bagging of leaves is an annual fall activity. Up until the recent changes in the hauling and disposal of these leaves, I was using the black, plastic yard bags. Our waste company decided that these bags took longer to decompose, so they passed a regulation for the use of Biodegradable bags only. After searching for a bag acceptable to them, I finally located a product called, "Bag To Nature™ Leaf and Yard Bags." I purchased a box of them, and, I have to admit, was skeptical about their strength; they were very light, and almost transparent. After using this leaf bags, I was convinced otherwise--this is an excellent product, both for the environment and the user. They pack well, actually hold more than the plastic ones of the same size, and will decompose rapidly. As I am not able to compost, I feel the manufacturer of this product should be commended for a solution to a serious problem of disposal. This is an excellent product, and should be available in more stores and garden centers.

A very satisfied customer!

Where can I buy your compostible bags (small)? I have tried a few manufacture's bags but they all sweat, your bags are the only one that doesn't. Thank you

Robert M

I really like your because all of the others I have tried ooze moisture from the bag sides and bottom and the bin is always wet. The Bag-to-Nature doesn't.

Thank you
Ruth J

Good morning,

I received 2 of your bag-to nature bags in a promotion from the town of Newmarket and found them to be far superior to those I am currently using.

Teresa V


The municipality of York Region sent us some of your "17x16 Mini Kitchen Bags" as free samples and we love them! They are by far the best compostable bags we've tried so far - they don't leak or get sweaty.

Thank you,
Sandra L


I received 4 sample bags with from the Town of Markham. This is a really great product because even though it is compostable it doesn't get all soggy like some others do.

Thank you,
Donna W

Good Day;

Your compost bags are the best ones that I have found. All other brands seem to start to decompose before my compost is picked up.

Thank you,
Cheryl H

York Region sent out samples of your bags for the green bin program to encourage the use of biodegradable bags. I have found that they are a lot better then the ones I am currently using.

Judy J


I live in Markham who recently distributed some of your "Bag to Nature™" brand bags to residents. They are great! I had been trying another brand I bought at Canadian Tire. They are a lot thinner – and were dissolving in my kitchen catcher during the course of a week. Yours seem to be more sturdy.

Giles L


We recently aaquired a sample of your bag to nature™ mini kitchen bags. After trying this product we were very pleased. They fit our municipal kitchen collection bin perfectly and they were tough enough to carry heavy contents. We also liked the fact that they didn't release condensation on the outside of the bag which makes the work of tying them up much more pleasant. I hope this product is selling well and stays on the market.

Eric K

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